Bossettiade – English Version

What they do not usually say

This site presents an unconventional analysis of the Bossetti/Gambirasio case, and particularly of the DNA used as evidence at trial.

The content displayed here is mostly, albeit not exclusively, the outcome of the reworking and categorization of content already available on the Internet.

The aim of the site is not so much that of creating something new (even if that may happen), but rather that of organizing the existing material in a more structured, and hence usable, way.

It must be clearly said from the beginning that the case made here is not mainstream, nor aligned with the system.

For instance, it will happen to use the Bossetti case as a starting point or an example in the wider context of the problems of the Italian judicial system.

Articles in English

The strange case of Bossetti and Unsub1

The case against Massimo Bossetti

Conspiracy Theories

The Hunt for Unsub1

The role of Hacking Team

Bossetti and the Fair Trial

The (first) verdict

DNA bibliographyc references

Beyond the Case

The structural limits of circumstantial evidence

Reasoning the ruling

The DNA on appeal

The writing on the wall

The International WCD

A streetcar named life sentence

Pride and Prejudice